Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wine Bar

I needed a place to keep my wine glasses because we are short of cabinet space in the kitchen- and our adult beverages were taking up space in the pantry, so the logical solution was a bar. But I simply couldn't find one that I liked or could afford-(these two things are what keeps me creative!) Naturally, I made one.

I started off with two existing components- one old book shelf that I had in the attic and a cabinet base that I found on the side of the road. The base was sturdy, but desperatly needed new doors.(the original ones were made from old shutters) I made some from furniture grade plywood and a nice moulding. For interest, I added a raised stencil using some plaster. (I prefer Faux Effect's PlasterTex because it dries rock hard and is easily sanded.)  I painted the base an off white and glazed it with an umber glaze to accentuate the stencil and the moulding texture.

Then I used two oak stair treads for the "bar" part in the middle. I stained it and used a water based poly for a top coat. Oak is nice and hard and I liked the rounded edge of the front of the tread.

The shelf didn't have a back, so I used a fun bamboo window shade glued to a piece of plywood. I screwed it onto the back after I painted the shelf to match the base. I made doors using the same moulding as the lower doors but I added seed glass inserts. Finally, I put a piece of scrolled iron from the flea market on top. I love my wine bar! It holds everything I needed and more. Think I will have a glass of wine and think about what to do with all that extra kitchen cabinet space! Cheers!

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