Sunday, October 26, 2014

Putting the "Sweet" in the master suite

Creating one of a kind treasures for your home. Anything can be fabulous with the right amount of "Savvy"!

After a year in our new smaller home, I have yet to complete the master suite -until now. We took two closets with bi-fold spoors and cut the middle wall out to make a nook for the bed. The room was simply too small to accommodate our furniture. I wanted a symmetrical look that would calm the eye. In small spaces, I prefer symmetry- it lets your eye rest.

The only thing missing was side tables. Craig's list to the rescue! I found two matching ugly tables for the bargain price of $60. I love ugly. Its always cheaper! And I can fix ugly.
Here is one before (brown) and one after (cream)

When I originally bought them, they had a solid bottom, but the veneer was badley damaged so i removed the bottoms and added legs that I bought from Van Dykes Restorers. When you look for a piece of furniture to paint, always look for interesting moulding and carving. In this case - the heavily carved doors sold me on these sad little tables. I proceeded to paint the doors using a mix of Annie Sloan Chalk paint colors: Old White, French linen, and Country Gray.

I used the darker French Linen in the flat areas of the doors and intermittently added some of the Country Gray. When that was dry, I dry brushed Old White on the highest parts to highlight the carving. Finally I sanded some of the paint all the way down to the wood, for interest.

The hardware wasn't horrible, it just needed some love. I used a gilders wax that I found in Paris, but you can achieve the same effect using Silver Rub'N Buff from Michaels. The metallic wax is rubbed on and then buffed off with a soft cloth. It accentuates the design quite nicely.

Now the doors are ready to go back onto the tables. I chose to make the body of the tables one color- Old White. I felt it would make the doors stand out more. (since they are the eye candy on the piece)
Finally I waxed the whole piece and placed them in the Master Suite- Voila!

And THAT is how you put the 
"sweet" in Master Suite!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gorgeous French Chairs

Creating one of a kind treasures for your home. Anything can be fabulous with the right amount of "Savvy"!

Never Pass up a great pair of chairs!

These two beauties were at the local thrift shop with a $15 price tag for each. The pink upholstery was awful, but the caning was in tact and the wood was good. I love the shape and believe it or not, they were quite comfortable! I grabbed my paint brush and got to work.

Just the right amount of sanding!

New fabric with contrast piping!

 I ordered new feather pillow backs from
a wonderful They were very reasonable and you
can select custom sizes to fit your needs.

Savvy little bar

Creating one of a kind treasures for your home. Anything can be fabulous with the right amount of "Savvy"!

I Found this chest on the side of the road and made new raised stenciled doors(on the left). The original ones are black(on the right).Then I added an old bookshelf on top. I backed it with a bamboo window shade glued to a piece of luann and then I made glass doors for it. For the finishing touch on top-
I added an iron scroll that I found at a thrift shop

                                                   The result? A very savvy little bar!