Friday, March 15, 2013

Papal Wine Chest

Papal Wine Chest (for FrancisI)!
I found this little brown chest at the thrift store- it was more than unloved-bless its little brown heart. I wanted to make a wine chest-
aplace to store wine bottles and the accompanying tools and such.
But I wanted it to be cute and functional. I removed the two bottom drawers and made shelves with wine "neck" cut outs. Then legs were added for interest and height. Finally I made a cute little
pediment for the top. So when I sat down to paint the two from spaces I had the tv on in the background. The beginning of the papal conclave had just started and for some reason I was terribly inspired to paint something with a pope on it. Low and behold, my google search for vintage wine labels led me to the perfect one! A
wine made for popes! Who knew! Although I am a good Catholic girl, I must say that if I had the pressures of being Pope, I would definitely need my own wine! This is the final result.

Creating one of a kind treasures for your home. Anything can be fabulous with the right amount of "Savvy"!

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