Sunday, June 19, 2011

Old desk

So my husband decided that he needed a whole room for his "guy stuff". Ok....his man cave. Well, not any man cave would do in my house, so I took the reigns and started designing his room. Thankfully he is used to this and offered no resistance. He is a "hunter/gatherer" and requested a gun cleaning station which would also double as a cabinet with storage. I found this old desk at a junk store. It was the perfect height but definately needed some love.

I made two new doors with faux contrast wood edging. I love to combine paint and stain together. It is easy to simulate light wood grain with a light coat of paint and some glaze. 1/2" Luan wood is perfect for the door construction, the new front pieces and the top. I love Faux Effects Stain and Seal ( It is a water based gel stain that comes in many colors. There is no need to poly after since the sealer is in the product however, I used my favorite matte finish poly, Modern Master's Dead Flat Varnish, ( ) because I wanted a dull finish. This poly is amazingly tough and wonderfully matte. It is a great product when you want a non shiny finish.

The result was a fantastic desk that both my husband and I loved!

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  1. I love this desk/gun cleaning cabinet. It looks so fabulous! You are so talented my friend! I am in awe each time I see one of your projects.